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Tortle Midliner - prevent flat head syndrome - plagiocephalyDelta Medical International are pleased to announce that they have been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for Tortle Products.

Tortle specialise in products to prevent head asymmetry, such as flat head syndrome or head preference, which can arise in newborn infants, particularly in premature and extreme premature babies.  There is clinical evidence that positional or deformational plagiocephaly can affect cognitive development and increase educational needs1,2; it can also delay mental and psychomotor development3.

Further, clinical guidelines recommend the supine midline head position is adopted for extreme premature babies during the first 72+hours of life, to help prevent IVH4.

The transition to all positions including supine midline, side lying and prone is simplified by the Tortle Midliner, with no need to detach and re-apply respiratory or feeding tubes.  It is specifically designed to help prevent and treat plagiocephaly, dolichocephaly, scaphocephaly and head preference.

The Midliner can be used to provide optimal care during IVH protocols and also to prevent the long-term effects associated with cranial asymmetry and head preference.

Tortle head positioning systems are easy to apply, minimising handling and stress on the baby.  The design gives good access to the head, particularly when performing scalp IVs and head ultrasound; the band holds the device securely in place to prevent slippage.

The new design, coupled with innovative materials, securely holds all nasal CPAP interfaces and nasal cannulas as well as feeding tubes; additional straps can also secure phototherapy eyes shades.  The Tortle products are X-ray compatible and suitable for use with ventilators.

The Midliner is available in three sizes, to suit head circumference for all premature infants. The product is washable and can be dried on a cool cycle.

Delta Medical International’s Sales & Marketing Director, Angie Haken, commented on the Tortle range: “We are pleased to be working with Dr Jane Scott and the team at Tortle. This product can have a huge benefit to the care of preterm infants in preventing head asymmetry, which may have long term implications for the baby’s development.”

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Further information can be found at the Tortle Products web site.

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