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Sucrose solution for neonates – TootSweet® alternative

sucrose solution - tootsweet equivalentHospitals in a number of countries are reporting difficulty obtaining TootSweet® sucrose solution.  This clearly creates problems as 24% sucrose solution is used routinely for pain relief in neonates, so availability of product is important for ongoing clinical care of newborn babies.  Oral administration of sucrose or glucose solution has been shown to reduce pain in infants undergoing procedures 1, 2, 3, 4.

Sucrose solution delivered drop by drop - tootsweet equivalentDelta Medical International have been supplying sucrose solution for this purpose for a number of years and is in a position to supply any existing TootSweet users with exactly equivalent product.  The sucrose comes in convenient plastic ampoules which allow simple, convenient administration that can be easily controlled a drop at a time.

The sucrose from Delta Medical is typically supplied in 2ml ampoules and for most customers is preservative free in pharmaceutical grade water.  Product is also available in 1ml ampoules and with preservatives if required.

Delta Medical International’s Managing Director, Nick Bettles, commented: “We will be delighted to help any customers who are having difficulty obtaining the TootSweet product from Natus or their distributors. Our sucrose solution is not only a high quality product that is easy to administer, but also typically delivers better value for money and helps save costs.”

More information can be found on our Product page and we would be pleased to hear from any departments experiencing supply problems – just contact us.

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TootSweet® is a registered trademark of Natus Medical Inc.

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