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Swaddle bathing products introduced

Delta Medical International are pleased to announce that they have been appointed as the exclusive distributor for the TurtleTub™ swaddle bathing product range from Catapult Products in the UK & Ireland.

TurtleTub for swaddle bathingThe TurtleTub provides a safe environment for the baby whilst swaddle bathing, which promotes family centred care, reduces temperature loss and minimises stress for the infant1,2,3,4.  Studies have also shown that swaddle bathing enhances ability to feed after a bath and reduces crying2,4.

It has been concluded that swaddle bathing is the least stressful form of bathing for both the baby and the caregiver4 and recommended for adoption as routine practice in the hospital setting1,2,4.

The TurtleTub products are based around a specially constructed bathtub and a fleece blanket which swaddles the baby to minimise temperature loss.  The tub is specially contoured to provide support for the infant.  An indicator strip helps to easily check that the water is at an appropriate temperature for the baby.  The blanket uses material specially selected for its thermal insulating properties and has been shown to out-perform other materials that might typically be used for swaddle bathing.

A range of other accessories are provided, including neutral pH baby wash, rinse cups, disposable tub liners and storage bags.  The small footprint of the TurtleTub and the stackable design ensure convenience, especially where storage space is at a premium.

Angie Haken, Sales & Marketing Director at Delta Medical International, commented: “We are delighted to be able to bring the TurtleTub to markets outside North America as it can provide a real benefit for small babies in their early days of life.  Swaddle bathing is becoming well established as the standard of care and we feel that a product that ensures the best thermal support and safety makes an important contribution to developmental care practice.”

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Click to see a video about TurtleTub in use.

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