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Sucrose & Glucose Range Expanded

Delta Medical International have become aware that a number of NHS hospitals are facing difficulty obtaining supply of Glucose and Sucrose solution.  This typically relates to Glucose 30% in 10ml ampoules, used for pain relief in babies and small infants.

As a result we now offer a 10ml option for both 30% Glucose and 24% Sucrose, in addition to the more commonly used 2ml format.  This will allow neonatal units and pharmacy personnel to obtain like-for-like product, avoiding changes in stock usage patterns and the need to consider adjusting clinical protocols relating to use and storage.

At Delta Medical we pride ourselves on giving unrivalled support and have many references to vouch for us as people and as a business.  We are committed to delivering value for money and cost savings to the NHS and have found our pricing to be very competitive in almost all cases.  If you are experiencing difficulty with your supply of glucose or sucrose solution we would be pleased to try and solve your problems in a way that simplifies life for all departments involved, so please contact us.

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Delta Medical International has particular expertise in the neonatal, maternity, perioperative, emergency, intensive care and paediatric departments, although our wider experience in biomedical engineering and medical product design takes us to many other areas of the hospital market.