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Jaundice Meter Success

Jaundice Meter for transcutaneous bilirubin

Delta Medical’s jaundice meter (transcutaneous bilirubin meter) has been enjoying increased success, with rapidly growing uptake in the NHS. Feedback from the clinical users is that the device is very simple to use and allows readings to be taken very quickly, with the same accuracy as other jaundice meters used in the past. They appreciate […]

Dextrose Gel for Neonatal Hypoglycaemia

We are pleased to announce the addition of dextrose gel for treatment of neonatal hypoglycaemia to our range. It has been established that the use of oral dextrose solution has an important part to play in the management of neonatal hypoglycaemia, reducing the incidence of treatment failure. Oral administration reduces the need for mother-infant separation, […]

Neonatal & Infant Arm Boards

arm boards

Delta Medical are pleased to introduce a new range of neonatal and infant arm boards. The arm boards are used to protect cannulation sites and prevent extravasation and vascular fibrosis. The arm boards fit well with Delta Medical’s commitment to providing high quality products to help provide care for babies and small children. A range […]

Swaddle Bathing Educational Videos

TurtleTub swaddle bathing baby

Research and practical experience has shown that swaddle bathing can contribute to reduced stress, lower heat loss and better feeding in young babies. More educational videos have now been released giving practical advice and training for use in both the NICU and routine post-natal settings.

1,000th Neonatal Apnoea Monitor sold

Delta Medical are delighted to announce that over 1,000 of their Neonatal Apnoea Monitors are now in clinical use.

Following EU medical device approval, the product was officially launched in September 2020. So it has taken less than 20 months to reach this milestone, demonstrating the demand for the product in the market.

Apnoea Monitor Calibration Systems

Delta Medical International Sensitivity Test Rig - Medical Product

Delta Medical International are pleased to announce that they will manufacture and service apnoea monitor calibration systems. The systems were previously supplied by Graseby and Smiths Medical.

Neonatal apnoea monitor approved

We are delighted to announce that our neonatal apnoea monitor has been fully approved to the medical device standards and a CE certificate has been issued. We thank all our customers for their patience during this lengthy process. We already have a backlog of orders for this product, which is a replacement for the Graseby […]

Coronavirus Update

Sadly with the advent of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic unscrupulous people are taking advantage of the situation to scam people. Some of the most common schemes seem to be those offering protective equipment, particularly face masks, and thermometers. The perpetrators of the scams are often experts at copying the identities of companies with good reputations […]

Help with PPE for Coronavirus pandemic

Delta Medical International (DMI) is pleased to have provided help with PPE (personal protective equipment) for Coronavirus (Covid-19). We became aware that a number of groups were making protective scrubs for NHS staff, but that sourcing suitable material was often an issue. DMI therefore contacted a group near our Cheshire office and offered to donate […]

Safe administration of sucrose solution

The British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) has recently issued advice relating to the safe administration of sucrose solution for neonatal pain management1. The advice relates to an incident where the twist-off cap from an oral sucrose vial became lodged in an infant’s airway. Delta Medical International supply sucrose solution (24%) in ampoules which do […]