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Transilluminators for Venous Access

Advanced transillumination for easier venous access

Translite-1 The Veinlite transilluminators use patented technology to give unrivalled performance and efficacy.  The high performance and ergonomic design make cannulation easier in even the most challenging patients and situations. The range includes designs for routine use, paediatrics, neonates, emergency room and paramedics.  All use ultra-bright LED light arrays to maximize imaging contrast during transillumination. The patented C-shape design facilitates easer needle access with single handed use.

Clinical Background

It is well documented that finding a vein for cannulation can be particularly difficult in many cases and even the most experienced healthcare professional will be challenged from time to time.  Repeated attempts at finding a vein can prove painful and traumatic for patients and can result in delays to the administration of drugs and fluids. Problems arise more often in certain patient populations ranging from babies and small children to the elderly, including cancer patients suffering the effects of repeated cannulation 1,2,3.  There are further factors that can compound the problem, such as obesity, hypovolaemia, patients with dark skin and emergency situations 2,3,4,5.

Transilluminators have been used to help the process; they are well established, although performance varies significantly depending of the design of the product used.  Devices have historically suffered from a number of shortcomings such as unclear imaging due to non-uniform illumination characteristics and inability to detect deeper and smaller veins 6.  Some also need two handed operation requiring a second staff member to assist.  Other types of device have even more limitations 6.

Vein Finder Features & Benefits

Translite-2Veinlite transilluminators supplied by Delta Medical International use the latest high intensity LEDs, with two different illumination colours for optimal vein viewing.  The patented technology uses a combination of red and orange light to ensure that both superficial and deeper veins can be localised, increasing efficacy and giving best chance of successful cannulation.

The light from each set of LEDs has specific characteristics selected for optimal vein visualisation in different patient groups.  Orange light has properties optimal for viewing superficial veins and for patients with pale skin, whereas red light penetrates darker skin and illuminates deeper veins better. The circular, angled arrangement of the LEDs, designed with focus point under the skin, optimises performance. The user can simply illuminate either set of LEDs or both together to give best vein identification for each individual patient.

The use of Veinlite transilluminators ensures fewer needle sticks, saving time and giving better patient experience.  The new side-transillumination technique used gives much enhanced imaging without any shadow effect, especially when compared to traditional devices.  The uniformity of illumination allows smaller veins to be viewed with greater clarity.

The units are designed for single-handed use, allowing healthcare professionals to cannulate the patient unaided.  The unique C shape design helps stabilise the vein and stretch the skin for easier needle insertion.  The shape of the Veinlite units also allow the user to apply gentle pressure and create a local tourniquet effect to further increase efficacy.

Translite-3Neonates & Paediatrics

The VeinlitePEDI is specifically adapted for use in neonates and small infants. The ultra-compact shape has been specially adapted to these smaller patients, making cannulation easier in what are often challenging circumstances.

Veinlite EMS 000Emergency & Paramedic

Two models of transilluminator are designed specifically for emergency department and paramedic use; they are compact, portable and robust to withstand the rigours of emergency situations.  The high illumination levels in the VeinliteEMS give best visualisation in difficult conditions where time can be critical, whilst the additional white examination light in the VeinliteEMSPRO  gives added functionality in circumstances where lighting conditions are poor. The technology works on all skin tones and the c-shape design helps stretch the skin for easier needle insertion and to stabilise the vein to prevent rolling that can impede first-time cannulation.


Disposable barrier covers are available for all models of transilluminator to help prevent spread of infection or contamination of the unit. This helps meet infection control protocols and reduces time spent cleaning.

Carrying cases are available for the transilluminators, with integrated belt clip, pocket for disposable covers and optional lanyard.

Product Specifications

A range of transilluminators is available to suit different clinical situations as outlined below.  In addition disposable covers are recommended to simplify infection control.

Veinlite Table 1

Veinlite Table 2


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