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Nasal Aspirators

Nasal aspirator replacement for Philips BBG

The BoogieBaby nasal aspirators provide a safe and convenient way to remove unwanted fluids from the oral and nasal passages of newborn babies.


Clinical Background: 

Nasal aspirators are frequently used to aspirate unwanted fluid or mucous from the oral and nasal passages in neonates and small infants. The BoogieBaby range was designed in collaboration with clinicians and uses materials that are gentle on small infants. The product is available in a range of designs to cater for different patient needs, clinical situations and clinician preference.

Design Considerations: 

BoogieBaby nasal aspirators come in different sizes to suit both premature and term babies. The tips are soft and flexible to minimise the risk of trauma. Materials used are free from latex, DEHP and BPA for complete safety.

nasal aspirators replace Philips BBGA number of different tip designs ensure that there is a product in the range to suit different clinical needs and preferences. The preemie and standard tips offer simplicity and suit general use. The olive tips help create a seal in the nostril whilst minimising the risk of inserting the tip too far and causing trauma; these come in two different sizes for infants of different age and gestation.  A smaller flare tip is also available.

The BoogieBaby nasal aspirators are designed to make single-handed operation simple. The comfortable thumb-control port allows easy control during the procedure.

Nasal aspirator cover replace Philips BBG

The optional covers provide a convenient way to store the tips when not in use, to help reduce risk of contamination and nosocomial infections; they are fitted with a removable hook that allows them to be hung for easy accessibility.

Product Information: 

BoogieBaby nasal aspirators come in a range of designs and sizes as follows:

Part No.Contents
DCP080Nasal aspirator with Preemie tip, pack of 100
DCP081Nasal aspirator with Standard tip, pack of 100
DCP082Nasal aspirator with Preemie tip, with cover, pack of 100
DCP083Nasal aspirator with Standard tip, with cover, pack of 100
DCP084Nasal aspirator with Flare tip, pack of 100
DCP085Nasal aspirator with Flare tip, with cover, pack of 100
DCP086Nasal aspirator with Olive tip, Long (11cm), pack of 100
DCP087Nasal aspirator with Olive tip, Short (8cm), pack of 100

 Click to download the BoogieBaby nasal aspirator product brochure

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