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Latest innovation in neonatal pacifiers – safer, more comfortable, lighter weight

JollyPop PacifiersThe JollyPop® neonatal pacifiers offered by Delta Medical International incorporate the latest and most innovative design yet seen, with the needs of the hospital setting in mind.

The JollyPop neonatal pacifiers were designed by the inventor of both the GumDrop® and Soothie® products who has made JollyPop more comfortable and even safer than the other neonatal pacifiers.

The JollyPop neonatal pacifiers have received an overwhelming support from hospital nursing staff when compared to other products used.

Clinical Background

Pacifiers are typically used in neonates where there is a need to encourage non-nutritive sucking, pain relief during minor procedures being one example1,2. A Cochrane review found that non-nutritive sucking is also associated with shorter hospital stays2. None of the studies in the review reported harmful effects from pacifier use.

A number of studies have suggested that giving pacifiers to infants can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and this is reflected in the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines, which suggest offering a pacifier to infants at the onset of sleep3.

There is conflicting evidence about the impact of neonatal pacifier use on breast feeding and guidelines thus remain cautious about their use1, so they should be used under clinical supervision.

Design Considerations

Pacifiers for use in hospital, and especially neonatal units, need to be designed to consider the needs of the environment and the patients. In particular, there are guidelines to meet, such as those of the American Academy of Pediatrics who require a one-piece construction for safety reasons. The choice of materials must also take into account chemical content and bio-compatibility in accordance with safety regulations.

With premature babies neonatal pacifier size is also a consideration that must be encompassed. Smaller more delicate babies can also benefit from a construction that is soft and shaped to fit their face.

Product Features & Benefits

JollyPop pacifierThe JollyPop pacifiers were designed by the inventor of both the GumDrop® and Soothie® products.  He since discovered a new process that has made the JollyPop even more comfortable and safer than the other pacifiers. The natural nipple shape is an important part of the design to ensure babies will accept it.

JollyPop pacifier JollyPop comes in a range of sizes to ensure its suitability, from preemies through to young infants. The low profile curved shape fits with the baby’s face and combines with the use of 100% medical grade silicone to ensure optimal comfort. The unique manufacturing process, using two grades of silicone, meets safety standards and clinical guidelines and has eliminated the hard inner guard used by other brands. In an evaluation, with over 1,000 babies across over 120 USA hospitals, nursing staff reported 89% of patients liked the JollyPop with most of the rest just difficult to assess; 98% of nursing staff who expressed an opinion after the evaluation approved changing to JollyPop from current brand4.

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The low profile design of the JollyPop neonatal pacifier makes it compatible with all CPAP systems, nasal cannulas and lateral positioning practice. This ensures there is no need to cut down the pacifier in these situations, conserving safety for the baby.

Product Specifications

JollyPop pacifier specification


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