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Highest quality drip stands and I.V. poles for all clinical areas

Delta Medical International offer a broad range of IV poles and drip stands to suit the needs of different clinical areas.  The range includes specialised designs and more general products, but all are designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and specifications.  Special attention has been given to infection control, ease of use and clinical needs, with most produced in high quality stainless steel.

Overview of drip stands & I.V. poles

The drip stands and IV poles from Provita in Germany can generally be configured in a number of ways to meet individual clinical needs.  Some are highly specialised, such as those for paediatric areas and for surgical irrigation fluids, whilst most are designed to meet a broad range of needs for different hospital departments.

In general most of the drip stands can be configured to allow a range of fluid weight limits by specifying hanger types and base weights as appropriate.

Products come with a choice of method for securing the pole height; standard screw-type adjustment is designed to allow easy tightening and release.  The single-handed lock and release option gives ultimate convenience, combining instantaneous release and adjustment with automatic grip strength.

Delta Medical International can help you to choose the best configuration to suit your needs.  Despite the very high quality of all the drip stands and IV poles prices are very competitive to suit typical NHS budget constraints.

Paediatric drip stands

s_73-3Provita have produced a range of IV poles specifically for the paediatric departments.  The products are designed in a range of colours and styles to fit with the family centred environment and present a less clinical feel.  The detail includes cheerful castors in mouse and aeroplane designs to help young children feel more at ease.

The paediatric drip stands are manufactured in aluminium and plastic, with features to ensure infection control processes can be easily maintained.  The screw clamp used for height adjustment is implemented with an advanced design to prevent distortion or damage to the pole, giving long life and avoiding any compromise to its surface that could affect its appearance or cleaning processes.

Surgical irrigation fluid system

s_71-1There are a number of challenges relating to the hanging of surgical irrigation fluids.  These relate to the weight of the fluid bags, with associated impact on handling processes, and the height needed to get necessary flow rates.  Provita have developed a unique electrically operated system to overcome the risks and achieve the required performance characteristics.

Manufactured in stainless steel, the unit has foot-pedal operation to lower and effortlessly raise the pole, up to a height of over 2.6m.  Three hooks, each one able to take a weight of 10kg, ensure adequate load capacity for the most demanding applications.  The integrated shelf provides convenient storage for fluid bags in preparation and allows them to be attached to the hooks without any need for manual lifting and the associated risk of injury to staff.

The lifting mechanism is powered by an integrated, rechargeable battery pack, giving ultimate convenience and eliminating  hazards associated with trailing cables.  The push handle makes positioning easy, whilst the sturdy design and wheelbase ensure complete stability.


Critical Care I.V. Poles

The range of drip stands for critical care applications are fabricated in high quality stainless steel, with welded construction to ensure easy and thorough cleaning for infection control.  Different base weights and load capacities can be specified to meet the demands of individual applications.

Models with simple screw type adjustment are easy to tighten and loosen and have a special design to prevent distortion or surface damage to the poles, unlike many competitive designs.  The unique single-handed lock and release option combines instantaneous release and easy height adjustment with automatic grip strength.

General purpose drip stands & I.V. poles

A wide range of drip stands and I.V. poles for general purpose applications can be customised to the needs of different departments and uses.  The superior design and competitive prices mean Delta Medical International can offer high quality engineered drip stands, with stainless steel construction, at costs below much lower specification products, to meet tighter budgets.

These budget models are still available with choice of base weights, screw lock height adjustment and single-handed lock and release mechanism.

Options & Accessories

Most drip stands and I.V. poles are available with a range of base weights and hanger types to cater for different load capacities.

s_56-2 s_56-3Two styles of clamping mechanism are available for height adjustment.  The screw type  is easy to loosen and tighten and has a special design to avoid distortion or surface damage to the poles, giving unrivalled longevity.  The advanced single-handed mechanism allows instantaneous release of the pole for easy height adjustment leaving one hand free; the automatic grip strength is applied as soon
as the collar is released.


All stands are fitted with a convenient clip-on pot for accessory storage; the pot is easily removed and the  curved bottom design ensures ease of clean.

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