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Examination Lights

High quality examination lights

Exam Light GooseneckDelta Medical International offer a range of examination lights to suit the needs of different clinical situations.  The products use the latest high intensity LED technology and are designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and specifications. The LED designs ensure optimum brightness, long life and no generation of heat.Exam Light Mobile Articulated


The examination lights from Provita in Germany can generally be configured in a number of ways to meet individual clinical needs.  All use latest LED technology to provided optimum intensity, long life and no unwanted heat.

The range of mounting options ensure that there is a product to meet the demands of the widest range of different settings and situations. There is a choice of fixed or adjustable light output levels, with simple accessible controls. A further option provides touch-free operation, facilitating ease of use during sterile procedures.

Delta Medical International can help you to choose the best configuration to suit your needs.  Examination light prices are very competitive, to meet typical NHS budget constraints, without any compromise to the high quality.

Wall & Rail Mounted Examination Lights

Exam Light Gooseneck Exam light articulatedFor use in fixed situations the examination lights come with a mounting spigot that fits to a range of rail or wall mounting brackets or fixings. The lights can be configured with fully adjustable “gooseneck” arm or with spring-balanced double articulated arms to suit user preference. The designs are compact, ensuring that they are unobtrusive and easily integrated into different clinical settings. A convenient handle makes it simple to direct the light exactly where it is required.

These models are ideal for mounting onto incubators or examination beds, ensuring that an examination light is immediately available whenever needed. The LED technology ensures that there is no excess heat that could damage the incubator or associated parts, whilst the touch-free operation is particularly useful when carrying out sterile procedures.

Exam Light Mobile ArticulatedMobile Examination Lights

The examination lights can be supplied mounted on a wheeled, mobile stand to allow them to be moved to different clinical settings as required. Stands are available with fixed or adjustable height to suit individual requirements.

The Mobile lights have the same options for gooseneck or spring-balanced, articulated arm types as the fixed variants. Similarly there are options for fixed or adjustable light output levels and touch-free operation, providing flexibility to suit different applications.

Mounting Accessories

Exam Light Wall Bracket Exam Light pole clamp Exam Light Pole Bracket Exam Light Medirail clampA range of accessories are available to ensure the examination lights can be adapted to suit different situations. These include wall, rail and pole mounting brackets and various clamp designs; if you have a special need that is not covered then we will work with you to provide a suitable solution.

Other Models

The examination lights shown here are the most frequently requested models however many other variants exist. Where there is a more specialised requirement there are different designs to suit most if not all needs. Please contact us if you don’t see a product that meets your exact specifications.

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