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Developmental Care – DeltaNeo Range

The DeltaNeo range of products are designed to support developmental care practice, this is one of our passions.  Many of the products below were developed in conjunction with specialists in the developmental care field. We will be pleased to talk to you about what we can offer or to work with you to produce any other items you need for your babies.

Gel Pads: 

Delta Medical offer a range of gel pads for protecting and positioning the delicate newborn. The design and materials provide soft, supple support for the baby’s head and body, to help prevent plagiocephaly and protect the newborn’s delicate skin. Products come in a range of sizes and thicknesses to suit patients of all sizes and are pliable, allowing them to be folded to adjust size, thickness and support.

Products are made using a non-porous outer film that combines ultra-soft properties with durability.  The pads contain water-based, non-toxic, food-grade gel with anti-bacterial agent. The design and construction ensure significantly longer life than other similar products and eliminate the risk of mould and fungus formation.

Disposable baby-soft covers help provide extra comfort for the patient and can be easily changed if they become soiled.

Click to download the Developmental Care brochure for gel support and positioning products.

Positioning & Boundaries: 

DeltNeo Support postioning butterflyWe have a number of items for positioning and creating boundaries for babies. The DeltaNeo Cosy bumpers come in different sizes and are easily shaped to each individual patient, whilst Delta Medical’s DeltaNeo Support can be used for special positioning of your tiny patients. Designs include variants with fully welded polyurethane outer construction to allow easy and thorough cleaning for infection control, with greatest durability and longevity, backed by a two year guarantee.

Click to download the Developmental Care brochure for Positioning, Boundaries & Support.

Nests & Supports:

ComfyNest baby nestA selection of Nests and Supports to create boundaries and provide a comforting environment for young babies is provided by the Benjamin Care products. These come in different sizes and can be easily adjusted to suit each individual baby, including preemies weighing as little as 500g.

The Benjamin nests and supports are manufactured in a material that can be wiped clean. Covers are available in a soft, washable, quick-drying fabric that can withstand washing to infection control standards.

Click to download the Benjamin Developmental Care brochure.

Sucrose & Glucose for Pain Relief:

Sucrose and glucose solutions have an established place in pain relief for neonates and small babies, which makes its own contribution to the developmental care process. Full details of the clinical background and products available from Delta Medical International are shown on the Sucrose/Glucose product page.

Pacifiers to encourage non-nutritive sucking:

Pacifiers are typically used in neonates where there is a need to encourage non-nutritive sucking, pain relief during minor procedures being one example. Studies have shown that non-nutritive sucking is associated with shorter hospital stays, earlier transition to bottle feeding from enteral feeding, improved bottle feeding and reduction in the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Full details of the clinical background and products available from Delta Medical International are shown on the JollyPop Pacifier product page.

Helping with your unmet clinical needs:

We are very interested to work with anyone who has ideas for improving the provision of products that will promote and support developmental care.  So if you have unmet needs, products that you feel are not as good as they could be, or just have new ideas, then please contact us.