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Pacifier uptake accelerates

Uptake of the JollyPop® neonatal pacifiers in the NHS is accelerating following a number of evaluations.  Neonatal and maternity departments have reported that the JollyPop pacifier design is well suited to their needs, particularly to aid non-nutritive sucking. The increased uptake has been stimulated by supply difficulties with the GumDrop® pacifiers, with deliveries of the preemie version of that product not expected resume until the third quarter of 2018.

JollyPop neonatal pacifier
JollyPop pacifiers

NHS neonatal nursing staff have indicated that they believe the JollyPop pacifiers not only make a perfect replacement for the GumDrop, but also offer a number of advantages in their design. Different grades of material allow a softer design for the smaller babies, which is better suited to their weaker sucking, whilst the design for term babies, with larger teat, can give additional stimulation. The one-piece design meets latest safety standards and allows nurses and mothers to insert a finger into the back of the teat to help stimulate sucking.

The JollyPop neonatal pacifier, which is distributed by Delta Medical International, was designed by Read McCarty, the inventor of the GumDrop. The use of a new process and advanced materials means the JollyPop is softer, kinder, better suited to babies of different gestation and safer than other neonatal pacifiers. An evaluation in the USA, involving over 1,000 babies in more than 120 hospitals, revealed that 98% of nursing staff who expressed an opinion approved changing to JollyPop from current brand1.

Pacifiers are typically used in neonates where there is a need to encourage non-nutritive sucking, pain relief during minor procedures being one example2. A Cochrane review found that non-nutritive sucking is associated with shorter hospital stays and earlier transition from enteral feeding3. A number of studies have suggested that giving pacifiers to infants can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and this is reflected in the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines, which suggest offering a pacifier to infants at the onset of sleep4.

More information can be found on our Product page and we would be delighted to discuss the benefits of the JollyPop neonatal pacifier with any departments experiencing supply problems – just contact us.

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