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Transilluminators for venous access

Translite-1Transillumination is well established as a technique for assisting in finding veins for cannulation. Delta Medical International (DMI) are pleased to announce that they have recently secured the distribution rights for the Veinlite range of products in the UK & Ireland.

There are many situations when finding a vein for cannulation can be particularly challenging.  These range from babies and small children to the elderly, including cancer patients suffering the effects of repeated cannulation 1, 2, 3.  There are further factors that can compound the problem, such as obese patients, varying skin tones and emergency situations 2, 3, 4, 5.

Transilluminators have been used to help the process and are widely accepted.  However these have historically suffered from a number of shortcomings such as inability to detect deeper and smaller veins and unclear imaging due to non-uniform illumination characteristics 6.

Translite-2The Veinlite transilluminators use a patented two colour, bright LED technology, with side illumination that gives higher performance and efficacy than traditional transilluminators and other technologies. With better vein visualisation and simple single-handed operation the Veinlite range leads the field. The C-shaped design gives further advantages, stretching the skin for easier needle insertion and stabilising the vein to prevent it moving during access.

The units are compact, lightweight and robust, making them highly portable, easy to use and well suited to all situations. The range includes different models specially suited to neonates & small infants, emergency departments & paramedics, challenging patient groups and for general purpose use.

The transilluminators are all battery operated, with some rechargeable and others using standard cells. Optional disposable covers help simplify infection control.

Commenting on the addition of the Veinlite range, Angela Haken, DMI Sales & Marketing Director said: “We understand the difficulties faced trying to obtain first time cannulation in certain clinical situations. We believe the Veinlite range of transilluminators offer a solution for even the most demanding conditions. The technology is a step ahead of other transilluminators and alternative products. The design offers a number of other practical advantages on top of the unrivalled transillumination characteristics.”

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