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Sucrose/Glucose for neonatal pain relief

Sucrose solution and glucose solution for neonatal analgesia and pain relief
Sucrose and glucose for neonatal pain relief

Oral administration of Sucrose or Glucose solution has been shown to reduce pain in in infants undergoing procedures 1, 2, 3, 4. Delta Medical International (DMI) now offer the highest quality product, Babycalmine, which is available in both forms.

Sucrose consists of glucose and fructose, with the latter being the part that has the desired effect in reducing the child’s pain perception. In order to act the sucrose must first be metabolised into the two components before the glucose fraction can deliver the comforting benefit through the central nervous system. This suggests that glucose may theoretically offer some advantage and certainly is at least as effective as sucrose 5, 6, although sucrose appears more popular and commonly used in the NHS.

DMI can supply 24% sucrose and 30% glucose solutions in pharmaceutical grade sterile water, for oral administration.  The product is supplied in 2ml plastic ampoules, in line with normal dosage range. The container design has proven particularly convenient for controlled delivery of different dosages, typically related to patient weight, according to normal clinical practice. The receptors on which the sucrose or glucose acts are found near the tip of the infant’s tongue and it is therefore important that administration can be easily directed; the design of the ampoule specifically facilitates this important aspect. Effective, targeted delivery of the solution means repeated small doses can be administered yet be effective in delivering the analgesia required.

DMI Managing Director, Nick Bettles, commented: “We are delighted to have secured the exclusive rights to distribute the Babycalmine products in the UK & Ireland. We have had extremely positive feedback about this product from colleagues in other international markets. As well as making this high quality product available to the NHS we are also able to deliver better value for money and help save costs, in line with our business philosophy.”

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