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Non-invasive Jaundice Meter

Delta Medical International (DMI) has secured the exclusive distribution rights in the UK & Ireland for a non-invasive jaundice meter from M&B Electronic.  The product is well-proven and is the leading brand in a number of markets.

Jaundice Meter - R2The meter allows reliable transcutaneous measurement of bilirubin levels, a technique already established as well correlated to serum concentration 1, 2, 3.  The non-invasive nature of the test gives instant results without subjecting the baby to the pain associated with taking a blood sample for hyperbilrubinemia assessment.  This has clear advantages from a developmental care perspective, especially when repeat measurements are required.

The non-invasive jaundice meter can be used to help with hospital policy on jaundice management in newborn infants and therefore assist in meeting NICE guidance on neonatal jaundice (CG98) 4.

The DMI unit is small and light, making it quick and easy to use and fully portable.  The portability makes the product suitable for use in a range of settings such as the neonatal unit, maternity, paediatric wards and in the community.

The jaundice meter is fully reusable with no consumable or disposable parts.  This reduces the costs associated with invasive testing techniques, particularly in patients requiring frequent bilirubin assessments.

Commenting on the product introduction in the UK & Ireland, DMI Sales & Marketing Director, Angie Haken said: “This unit is ideal for busy NHS departments, offering a combination of simplicity, reliability and low cost.  As a business we are delighted to introduce products that help reduce the number of invasive procedures newborn babies have to undergo and to support developmental care initiatives.  We have had very positive reports about the device from Australia in particular, where it has been very widely used for some time.”

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