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I.V. Poles & Drip Stands

Delta Medical International (DMI) has secured the distribution rights to an extensive range of drip stands from Provita in Germany.  As might be expected of German engineering, the range is of very high quality design and manufacture.

DMI chose the Provita range of I.V. poles due to the number of unique products and the exceptional value for money.  The products are mostly constructed in stainless steel and very easy to clean thoroughly and thus fulfil infection control needs.s_72_1

s_73-3For paediatric departments there is a range of products that have an appealing design that fits well with the modern approach of presenting a more natural environment for patients and parents.  The drip stands come in a range of bright colours, with wheels in different designs that appeal to children.


For the operating theatre Provita have introduced an I.V. pole system specifically to facilitate the administration of irrigation fluids.  Here the challenge is getting the heavy fluid bags to a suitable height without risk of injury to staff.  The system offered by DMI is electrically operated, with battery back-up, allowing clinical staff to attach fluid bags to the pole without the need to lift them and then raise them to the required height.  An integrated shelf allows convenient placement of the fluid bags and the unit can elevate up to four 5 litre bags at a time.

The range of products is extensive, covering all routine uses.  All represent excellent value for money, however there are special advantages in the critical care areas and paediatric departments.

Delta Medical International’s Sales & Marketing Director, Angie Haken, commented: “An important part of our mission is to bring products to the NHS that offer highest quality and value for money.  The Provita range delivers outstanding designs at a cost that is more than competitive with lower quality products, allowing users to choose superior product, better suited to clinical needs, within today’s NHS budget constraints.”

For details of the full range of Provita IV poles please click here

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Delta Medical International has particular expertise in the neonatal, maternity, perioperative, emergency, intensive care and paediatric departments, although our wider experience in biomedical engineering and medical product design takes us to many other areas of the hospital market.