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Developmental Care

Developmental Care is one of Delta Medical International’s passions and the company has worked with a number of clinical specialists and routine users to develop the DeltaNeo range of products to support developmental care practice. New products are being added to the portfolio on a regular ongoing basis as unmet needs are identified and new ideas are proposed by neonatal nurses and other staff involved in care of the newborn. The impact of developmental care practices on later outcomes for premature babies is well established and this helps drive the company’s motivation to be involved in helping deliver the products required.

DeltNeo Support positioning butterfly

DeltNeo Support positioning butterfly


The initial designs and newly released products have already been received with enthusiasm and very positive reactions from NHS staff. The combination of high quality products that are easy to clean with very competitive pricing are already attracting attention from neonatal units wherever they are shown. The overall view is that Delta Medical is making an unrivalled contribution to developmental care practice in the UK; most products will also be distributed internationally through the extensive network of contacts already known to the founders.

DeltaNeo Cosy providing boundaries for babies

DeltaNeo Cosy for creating boundaries


The DeltaNeo products for positioning, support and providing boundaries are all soft and gentle on the baby’s skin, durable and waterproof so they are easily cleaned. The materials provide comfort and support and are easily moulded to suit the positioning or boundary required for each individual patient and situation. Washable covers, in cotton or soft fleece are available for all products if required.


DeltaNeo SoftGel for positioning and pressure care

DeltaNeo SoftGel for positioning and pressure care


Gels of different shapes and sizes are provided to protect babies’ delicate skin and help with positioning needs. The advanced materials used are unrivalled in terms of softness and efficacy. The DeltaNeo SoftGel range come with a standard two year warranty that attests to their durability.  The Jellies range offer an alternative for departments who require a single patient use gel product, with a range of sizes to accommodate babies of different gestation.


Further developmental care products are in the final stage of development and will be released imminently.

Our Products

Delta Medical International has particular expertise in the neonatal, maternity, perioperative, emergency, intensive care and paediatric departments, although our wider experience in biomedical engineering and medical product design takes us to many other areas of the hospital market.