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New phototherapy system introduced in UK

phototherapy systemDelta Medical International are pleased to introduce the high performance phototherapy system from TSE. The system uses state-of-the-art LED technology which, combined with a number of unique features, delivers unbeatable therapy for jaundice management.

The phototherapy unit comes stand-alone, suitable to place directly on top of an incubator, or with a versatile mobile stand. The phototherapy system has highest specification, including two light intensity levels, automatic light output regulation related to distance from the patient, user-programmable therapy sequences and patient temperature monitor. An integrated examination light allows nursing staff to quickly and easily see the baby clearly, at the click of a switch.

phototherapy system on standThe stand allows easy positioning of the phototherapy lamp to suit individual needs, with a low profile wheelbase to ensure it fits under different incubators. The stand is easily operated with a foot-switch, for simple height adjustment. The lamp can be adjusted quickly and easily to a wide range of angles, to suit every situation.

The advanced LEDs used in the system give a high range of light output across the full bandwidth required for effective phototherapy. The use of latest technology delivers a product life of over 60,000 hours and integrated self-diagnostics allow biomedical engineers to easily verify performance and usage.

Commenting on the introduction Delta Medical International’s Nick Bettles said: “We are so pleased to be able to offer a phototherapy system that can out-perform other units in the market and yet offer potential cost-savings at the same time. This unit is so well engineered and well-suited for typical NHS neonatal, maternity and paediatric departments, taking into account the practical issues. The light output and large effective area of illumination ensure the most effective phototherapy and the attention to detail in the design makes the unit so easy to use. This product certainly fits our business philosophy to sell only high quality products that can help the NHS reduce costs.”


Click to download the LED phototherapy system brochure.

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