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Delta Medical International are pleased to announce that they have been appointed as the UK distributor for Sandbox Medical LLC. This arrangement will also extend to the Middle East & Africa, through Delta Medical’s extensive network of international distribution partners.

Sandbox Medical develops products specifically for the neonatal unit and post-natal care. This fits well with Delta Medical’s focus on developmental care, further strengthening and broadening their portfolio, and includes JollyPop® pacifiers, Jellies® gel positioners, CozyCare Bunting thermal wraps and SweetUms sucrose solution.

JollyPop PacifiersIn some situations pacifiers have been shown to provide a number of benefits by encouraging non-nutritive sucking1,2. The JollyPop pacifiers were designed by Read McCarty, the inventor of both the GumDrop® and Soothie® products. He since discovered a new process that has made JollyPop even safer and more comfortable than the other pacifiers. In evaluations at over 120 USA hospitals 98% of nurses who expressed an opinion approved switching to JollyPop, underlining how well they are perceived by nursing staff.

The CozyCare BCozyCare Bunting for thermal care and containmentunting thermal wrap helps reduce heat loss and provides containment for the newborn. It is ideal for use in the delivery room, nursery, for transport and when feeding. Different sizes are available, all manufactured in a soft, non-allergenic, non-toxic material with special thermal layer. The wrap is easily adapted to each individual baby, with soft adjustable straps.

Oral administration of sucrose solution has been shown to provide benefits, including reduction of pain and discomfort in babies3,4,5,6, and is widely used for pain relief during procedures. SweetUms 24% sucrose solution is available in 1mL or 2mL plastic vials, which make it very easy to administer one drop at a time. SweetUms is normally supplied preservative-free to pharmaceutical grade sterility in European markets, although an alternative with preservatives is available if required.

The Jellies range of gel positioners are designed for pressure care and positioning of babies and come in different sizes and thicknesses to suit patients of different gestation. Jellies use non-toxic, water-based, food-grade gel, guaranteed to be bacteria free, with preservatives to eliminate the risk of mould and fungus formation. Designed for single patient use, the non-porous outer film prevents evaporation and ensures longevity for entire patient stay. The bright blue colour is designed to give high visibility and reduce the risk of loss in the bedding.

Commenting on the Sandbox Medical range, Delta Medical’s Sales & Marketing Director Angie Haken said: “We are delighted that Sandbox Medical have chosen us as one of their international partners. We have a passion for developmental care and are keen to help nursing staff deliver best care by giving them the high quality, well designed products that they need. The Sandbox products complement our own DeltaNeo developmental care range and underline the leading position Delta Medical are building in this area.

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JollyPop® is a registered trademark of Sandbox Medical LLC
GumDrop® is a registered trademark of Natus Medical Inc
Soothie® is a registered trademark of Philips NV

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