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Enteral Feeding range for Neonatal & Paediatric patients

Delta Medical International are delighted to launch the NeoMed range of enteral feeding products and accessories in the UK, following signature of an exclusive distribution agreement between the two companies.

NeoMed have the most comprehensive range of enteral feeding products for the neonatal and infant population.  The range is fully ENFit compliant and NeoMed have been pioneers in developing and introducing the new standard.

There are significant challenges when changing to the new ENFit connection standard for babies and small infants.  In particular the GEDSA position statement issued in August 2016 1 raised concerns relating to dose accuracy for low volume medications and asserted that Low Dose Tip (LDT) syringes should be used. The range of products offered by Delta Medical address all these issues and allow users to continue using existing protocols.  All other devices on ghr market require a change to protocols, as outlined by GEDSA in their position statement issued in May 2015 2.

May of the patented NeoMed designs help to make the products much kinder on vulnerable young neonates, helping to deliver better outcomes.

Delta Medical International managing Director, Nick Bettles, commented on the introduction of the NeoMed enteral products: “We are delighted to be representing NeoMed due to the excellent design and quality of their enteral feeding range. We are passionate about meeting the needs of neonatal patients and it is refreshing to find a supplier who has put these patients first in developing their products; adapting designs targetted at the adult population does not work in the case of enteral feeding. We are proud to represent a company who already have a complete and comprehensive range of solutions that are fully compliant with the new ENFit standard, ensuring complete safety and full compatibility with ENFit products from other suppliers. Our business approach is to offer unrivalled support and we will be pleased to help any customers wanting help and guidance in introducing the new ENFit standard or simply solving any problems they may be encountering in delivering best practice in enteral feeding for neonates and young infants.”


  1. GEDSA Position Statement Supporting ENFit Low Dose Tip Syringe. The Global Enteral Device Supplier Association. August 2016.  Please click here to download.
  2. GEDSA Position Statement in support of ISO 80369-3 (ENFit enteral connector). The Global Enteral Device Supplier Association. May 2015.  Please click here to download.

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Delta Medical International has particular expertise in the neonatal, maternity, perioperative, emergency, intensive care and paediatric departments, although our wider experience in biomedical engineering and medical product design takes us to many other areas of the hospital market.