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East of England Neonatal ODN Study Day

Delta Medical International were pleased to have supported the East of England Neonatal ODN study day for nursery nurses this week in Cambridge.  Over 30 nursery nurses from around the region attended the event.

The conference had a varied and stimulating programme, with presentations from, senior neonatal nursing and midwifery staff and speech and language therapists. There was particular interest in the behavioural nurturing and neonatal abstinence syndrome topics.

Delta Medical were showing their full neonatal care range, which includes the company’s growing portfolio of developmental care products and now encompasses the Benjamin Care range.

Samples of the JollyPop pacifiers, used to encourage non-nutritive sucking, very well received due to their advanced design which takes into account the delicate nature of newborn babies, particularly when they are premature. Interest has been further stimulated by the production shortage of the GumDrop®  and Wee Thumbie ranges that have been experienced in the UK NHS.

Delta Medical International’s phototherapy eye shades attracted significant attention due to the nature of the fabric used and the choice of designs to suit different clinical preferences. The low cost for such a high quality design clearly also had an impact on the impression delegates formed.

Other products, such as sucrose solution for pain relief, sterile saline wipes and a transcutaneous jaundice meter, offer a real opportunity for neonatal and maternity units to save cost without compromising quality.


GumDrop® is a registered trademark of Natus Medical Inc.

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Delta Medical International has particular expertise in the neonatal, maternity, perioperative, emergency, intensive care and paediatric departments, although our wider experience in biomedical engineering and medical product design takes us to many other areas of the hospital market.