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Developmental Care range expanded

Delta Medical International have secured distribution of the Benjamin Care range of products, which have been specifically designed to support developmental care practice.

The developmental care products in the Benjamin range were conceived and designed by a neonatal intensive care nurse. The products can be applied through different stages in the neonatal care process, from supporting skin-to-skin contact, Kangaroo Care, through to helping with positioning, thermoregulation and other developmental care practices.

HugMee for kangaroo care at birthThe HugMee support sling was developed specifically to facilitate and promote skin-to-skin contact in the immediate period after delivery. The product design takes into account the particular needs found after Caesarean section delivery. It is fully adjustable, allowing the baby to be positioned appropriately for optimum skin-to-skin contact.

The Benjamin Kangaroo Sweater is designed to make it easier and safer to provide kangaroo care for babies after the initial post-delivery period. It has a range of practical features that keep the baby secure whilst allowing the parent freedom of movement, easy access and visibility of their baby. A special pouch is available that allows kangaroo care of twins together.

ComfyNest swaddle nest for babyThe Benjamin ComfyNests provide a reassuring environment for babies whilst the rest of the Comfy range help with positioning and comforting. All were developed with NIDCAP specialists. The ComfyNest was specifically designed to suit premature and low birth-weight babies and is available in two sizes to suit babies with weights ranging from 500g to 2.5kg.

ComfyPillow neonatal head position

ComfyStar neonatal positioning

Other Comfy range products are designed to help with positioning, to prevent head preference; to support the baby’s head, for example when on CPAP; and to provide reassurance for the infant. Products are all manufactured with an outer material that can be wiped clean and are supplied with outer covers made in a soft, washable, quick drying fabric. They are soft, easily manipulated and moulded and come in a range of sizes.

Angie Haken, Delta Medical International Sales & Marketing Director commented: “Developmental Care is one of our passions and the quality of the Benjamin Care range is outstanding. It is clear that the products were designed by someone with excellent clinical knowledge and the materials used are perfect for the care of vulnerable newborn babies and the practical needs of a busy neonatal unit. This range is already the standard of care in some European countries and we have already had a very positive reaction from the nurses and clinical educators who have seen the products here in the UK.”

More information can be found on our Product page.

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