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Jaundice Meter for transcutaneous bilirubin

Jaundice Meter Success

Delta Medical’s jaundice meter (transcutaneous bilirubin meter) has been enjoying increased success, with rapidly growing uptake in the NHS.

Feedback from the clinical users is that the device is very simple to use and allows readings to be taken very quickly, with the same accuracy as other jaundice meters used in the past. They appreciate the ease with which they can check calibration in seconds, for reassurance when needed. Portability is enhanced by the robust, compact carrying case, and the use of standard AA batteries, which can be changed in seconds and remove the need for charging stations.

Biomedical engineers are very positive that they can adjust calibration themselves if necessary. This saves return to the factory for annual maintenance, which can take weeks and adds to running costs.

The much lower cost of Delta Medical’s jaundice meter compared to the most widely used product in the NHS over past years gives cost savings in the region of 50%. This makes the product much more affordable.

Delta Medical’s Managing Director, Nick Bettles, commented on the growing success: “We are really pleased to get such positive feedback about or transcutaneous bilirubin meter. We believe the combination of benefits for patients, clinical users, biomedical engineers and budget holders creates a win all round.”

More information can be found on the Jaundice Meter product page.

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