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Delta Medical International appointed UK distributor for NeoMed Inc

Delta Medical International has been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for NeoMed Inc.  Delta Medical will carry the full range of neonatal enteral feeding products along with NeoMed’s other products such as the NeoDrape.

Most of the enteral feeding products on the market have been designed around the needs of adult patients, leading to products that do not meet the needs of babies and other young patients. NeoMed is the only supplier that has approached their product designs specifically around the needs of neonates and small infants. The result is that the NeoMed range is the only comprehensive portfolio of enteral products suited to neonates.

Further to this, NeoMed already has a full product range compliant to the new ENFit standard based on the ISO 80369-3 standard1. In particular the NeoMed range allows accurate delivery of small doses, without the need to change current protocols, using Low Dose Tip (LDT) syringes that are approved by GEDSA (Global Enteral Device Supplier Association)2. Further to this, the NeoMed devices ensure maximum delivery of nutrition by avoiding lipid loss associated with other designs.  Additionally patented product features help avoid many of the potential infection risks created by other ENFit designs, helping tob reduce risk of NEC. To learn more about how Delta Medical can help you maximise nutritional delivery and minimise infection risks please contact us.

The neonatal enteral feeding product range has a number of unique features and accessories, including those that help prevent bacterial growth in the feeding line hub, reducing the trauma and inconvenience associated with regular changing.

If you would like to explore how Delta Medical can help you to successfully implement a change to the new ENFit standard without all the issues please contact us. We believe in providing a friendly and professional service, backed by in-depth understanding of the technical, clinical and practical considerations in a busy NHS neonatal unit.


  1. GEDSA Position Statement in support of ISO 80369-3 (ENFit enteral connector). The Global Enteral Device Supplier Association. May 2015.  Please click here to download.
  2. GEDSA Position Statement Supporting ENFit Low Dose Tip Syringe. The Global Enteral Device Supplier Association. August 2016.  Please click here to download.

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