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Coronavirus Update

Sadly with the advent of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic unscrupulous people are taking advantage of the situation to scam people. Some of the most common schemes seem to be those offering protective equipment, particularly face masks, and thermometers.

The perpetrators of the scams are often experts at copying the identities of companies with good reputations and they have started to focus on medical items in this time where demand is high and supply is short. So please be alert to offers that seem too good to be true and check the credentials; avoid using links in unsolicited e-mails, and check out the web sites of the company messages say they have come from.

Delta Medical International wish to be clear that we specialise in the neonatal and maternity sectors; we do not sell products related to Coronavirus such as face masks, thermometers or other personal protective equipment. Further, we do not currently sell our products in the USA or Canada. If you have been offered such products that purport to come from us, please let us know.

Our Products

Delta Medical International has particular expertise in the neonatal, maternity, perioperative, emergency, intensive care and paediatric departments, although our wider experience in biomedical engineering and medical product design takes us to many other areas of the hospital market.