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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a challenge to us all and Delta Medical International wish to express our gratitude, admiration and support to all those working in the UK NHS at this very difficult time. We extend our good wishes to those working in healthcare systems worldwide and to our international distribution partners who are helping to keep them supplied.

We are pleased to advise that currently we are not experiencing any problem obtaining the products which we supply to our customers, although IV poles are currently on slightly longer lead-times. We are also seeing no issues with the couriers who deliver the products for us and have daily collections as usual, with next-day delivery in the UK.

It has been noted that hospitals are doing all they can to reduce patient admissions so that resources can be directed at the rising number of patients needing treatment for complications related to Coronavirus. Additionally, laboratory resources are challenged by the dramatic rise in the number of tests they are now required to carry out. In both of these respects the use of transcutaneous jaundice meters can help greatly.

Transcutaneous jaundice meter, bilirubin meter, bilirubinometer

A report produced by a community nursing team in Warrington, UK, highlighted that the use of a transcutaneous bilirubinometer reduced the number of admissions to hospital for suspected neonatal jaundice by 95% and the number of serum bilirubin tests needed by 65% over a study period of 7 months1. Click to see details of our jaundice meter.

We are aware that for a number of hospitals the current situation with Coronavirus is making the need for neonatal apnoea monitors even more acute. We are doing all we can to put pressure on the Notified Body to release the CE certificate for our device, and to stress the additional urgency. This is outside our control, but indications are that it will be completed imminently.

Our thoughts and appreciation are with all those delivering healthcare worldwide at this time. If you feel we can help in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. Bedford J, Bettles N, et al. Screening newborn babies for jaundice in the community setting using a transcutaneous bilirubinometer. Personal Communication, 2018.

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