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We offer an expanding range of products for the care of babies, particularly for the hospital market, including neonatal, post-natal and maternity settings. In general these items complement the developmental care ranges. We are constantly sourcing new products so if you have a particular need please contact us.


Saline Wipes:

Sterile saline cleansing wipes are often used in neonatal and maternity departments, particularly for delicate eye care and skin care. They offer a safe and convenient way of caring for the newborn, saving time and reducing the risk of infection.
The wipes are manufactured in soft fabric, saturated with sterile water containing saline (0.9% NaCl), and are alcohol and latex free.
Wipes are individually packed in sealed pouches and measure a generous 9 x 9 cm. They come folded to 4.5 x 4.5 cm for convenience when treating very small babies.
This product is very competitively priced, despite the high quality, and is significantly below other products in the market that are much smaller size. This is in line with our company philosophy of delivering unbeatable quality and value to the NHS.

Ordering information:

Part No.QuantityContents
DCP0032000Sterile wipes, 9 x 9 cm, soft material saturated with sterile water containing 0.9% NaCl in individual sealed pouches

Phototherapy Eye Shades:

The blue light routinely used for the treatment of neonatal jaundice can affect the eyes of newborn babies and can also disrupt sleep patterns. Protective eye shades for neonatal phototherapy are used to block the blue light used for phototherapy and thus support developmental care practice for these young patients.
The Delta Medical eye shades are very effective at excluding much of the light spectrum, including the blue light used for phototherapy. The eye shades are manufactured using high quality materials which are soft touch, moisture absorbent and allergy free, helping to protect the baby’s delicate skin.
A special foam pad inside the eye masks not only blocks the light but also absorbs secretion to help keep eyes clean and avoid risk of infection. The flexible designs take special account of the needs of newborn babies, contributing to their safety and comfort. When used correctly, the product does not move or slip, providing safe and stable eye protection.
The eye shades come in five different styles, to suit individual needs or preferences, with different sizes; details are below.  The versatility and high quality of the Delta Medical range ensures best, safest and most appropriate care can be provided for all babies during phototherapy, yet at a very low price.

Eye Shade Selection Chart:

DescriptionPart No.Head Circumference
Phototherapy eye shades, hat style, Pack of 20CCM00520-38cm
Phototherapy eye shades, side fixing, size M, Pack of 20CCM003M20-33cm
Phototherapy eye shades, side fixing, size L, Pack of 20CCM003L30-38cm
Phototherapy eye shades, front fixing, size M, Pack of 20CCM004M20-33cm
Phototherapy eye shades, front fixing, size L, Pack of 20CCM004L30-38cm
Phototherapy eye shades, self-adhesive fixing, Pack of 20CCM00220-38cm
Phototherapy eye shades, Y style, size M, Pack of 20CCM009M20-33cm
Phototherapy eye shades, Y style, size L, Pack of 20CCM009L30-38cm

Eye Shade Style Chart:

Hat Style

Side Fixing

Front Fixing


Y Style

Nappies for Phototherapy:

Nappy Diaper for phototherapy protectionThe Sunnybaby nappies come in two styles, Neonatal for premature and extreme premature babies and Standard for term infants.  The Neonatal version is specifically designed to cater for the size and shape of the premature neonate. The special lining integrated into the nappy prevents the blue phototherapy light passing through, offering the protection needed to avoid potential damage to the baby’s gonads.
Sunnybaby is designed to overcome the typical shortcomings of standard nappies, which are usually too large or uncomfortable for extreme or very low birth-weight babies. They are manufactured using non-woven materials, giving them exceptional absorption properties. The nappies are soft, breathable, well fitting and hypoallergenic. making them more comfortable.
The Neonatal design comes in a choice of four sizes: Extra Small; Small; Medium & Large (XS, S, M, L), whilst the Standard version has two sizes: Small & Medium (S, M).

Neonatal Arm Boards:

Neonatal arm boardNeonatal arm boards offer protection to the hand or foot during infusion treatments or cannulation. The support offered by the board helps to prevent needles from puncturing the vein when the hand or foot moves abnormally, thus reducing the risk of bleeding in the tissues and vascular fibrosis.
The arm boards supplied by Delta Medical International can be adjusted to angles up to 45°, to provide best comfort for each individual patient. An integrated aluminum plate, which is firm but can be moulded into shape, gives appropriate support whist providing a comfortable fit for the baby. A soft fabric foam cushion improves comfort and protection.
Arm boards are water-absorbent, breathable, hypoallergenic and easy to apply. They are available in three sizes, Small, Medium & Large, to suit the different sizes of babies’ hands and feet.

Neonatal Hats / Bonnets:

Hat bonnet mittens bootiesNeonatal hats or bonnets may typically be used to help prevent heat loss from a newborn baby’s head and thus help with their thermoregulation.
The hats supplied by Delta Medical International are manufactured using high quality materials to ensure they are appropriate for the newborn infant. They are soft, non-irritating and absorbent to ensure optimum comfort and safety. They also provide some protection for the delicate neonatal head and fontanel.
There is a choice of four sizes, Extra Small, Small, Medium & Large (XS, S, M, L), to suit babies of different gestations and a wide range of head sizes. All are elasticated to ensure a good fit, to help keep them in place; they can also be used to help secure CPAP tubing and nasal cannulas.

Developmental Care:

Delta Medical International have developed the DeltaNeo range of products specifically to support Developmental Care practice. These include: gel pads; positioning / boundary products; nests; sucrose & glucose for pain relief. These are all discussed on the Developmental Care pages.

Helping with your unmet clinical needs:

We are very interested to work with anyone who has ideas for the provision of products that will improve patient care or reduce costs.  So if you have unmet needs, products that you feel are not as good as they could be, or just have new ideas, then please contact us.