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1,000th Neonatal Apnoea Monitor sold

Delta Medical are delighted to announce that over 1,000 of their Neonatal Apnoea Monitors are now in clinical use.

Following EU medical device approval, the product was officially launched in September 2020. So it has taken less than 20 months to reach this milestone, demonstrating the demand for the product in the market.

The apnoea monitor has been particularly popular with former Graseby MR10 users, who appreciate that the two products work in exactly the same way, using disposable patient sensors.

Whilst the biggest uptake has been in the UK, the product is already proving popular in export markets around the world.

Apnoea Monitor equivalent Graseby MR10

Users appreciate that the monitor is easy to use, easy to clean and is a robust design. The use of disposable pneumatic sensors, which are also compatible with remaining Graseby monitors, has been welcomed by clinical staff. It is recognised that respiration monitoring gives earlier warning of problems than pulse oximetry, at lower cost.

With no lower patient weight limit the product is fully suited to use in small babies, where apnoea of prematurity is common.

Commenting on the achievement, Delta Medical’s Sales & Marketing Director Angie Haken said: “We are delighted that our respiration monitor has been so well accepted and that demand has been so high right from the time of launch. We knew that users wanted an apnoea monitor to replace their ageing Graseby devices, but we believe the sale of over 1,000 monitors in less than 20 months is a real achievement. Demand continues to be strong and users are starting to share their positive experiences of the product. We fully expect the installed base to grow rapidly in the year ahead.”

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